I’m Brian Hochhalter. I hope you’re enjoying del caos.

I’m a Product Design and Design Operations leader with over 10 years of experience leading digital product design teams as they create effective and delightful experiences for customers and deliver business value to their organizations. My passion is building happy and highly effective teams by listening to team members and partners, assessing needs, then collaboratively improving processes, team rituals, and tooling to improve the team’s effectiveness and their experience doing the work.

On the road there I’ve worked as an Information Architect, Director of User Experience, and Director of Education Practice. I’ve worked in the US and Costa Rica with in-house and agency teams, both in-person and remote.

I’ve worked with clients including National Geographic Learning, Cengage, InterContinental Hotels Group, Prevention Research Centers, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy, Lucasfilm, Ltd., Mobium Creative Group, and Brigham Young University’s Center for Teaching and Learning.

Outside of work, I’m a husband, father, film buff, tv aficionado, sci-fi fan, gamer, puppeteer, priest, lover of nature, and reader of comic books.