My first thoughts on the iPad included a lot of concerns about not being able to create on the iPad yet and pointing toward graphical applications as the quickest road to delivering that.

iPad specific answers to the creation challenge are appearing. This video for iMockups places a nice face on these answers. [Endloop has since removed the linked video for iMockups. In the time since writing this article various creative tools have been released for iPad and other tablet devices.]

I feel rather silly that it didn't occur to me earlier in the game that wireframing would be low hanging fruit for graphical applications on iPad. Fortunately Omni Group and others have. As OmniGraffle is a central tool to my work I'm especially interested to see it develop. Things seem to be progressing well. From iPad or Bust! to a Two weeks later follow up things seem to be progressing well. Hoping to see a working app close to next month's iPad release.

Imagining how such tools could be used in quick sessions with clients and developers, let's say I'm warming to the iPad.