Austin Govella gets an interesting conversation going about technological developments swirling around what some are calling the "come to me" web. Structured content, microformats, json, rss and atom flavored web feeds, and other technologies are making our information more portable, but where do people fit into this improved info portability world? How will people use this portability?

Or more to my mind... how can we most effectively introduce these technologies to users who don't know what an RSS is, so they can reap the benefits of these great new tools?

I live by my feed reader and my favorite blogs' feeds, but I doubt that most of my non-designer friends make use of the tools that the more "web 2.0 savvy" use daily. We see amazing possibilities with these new technologies, but how will we present those possibilities to users? Will our presentation help users see how these new tools get them what they want, or will we trip over our excitement over the next big thing?

If you tell me why RSS is great, I'll think it's cool, but if you show me how much faster I can get at posts on my favorite blogs and share my own posts (or bookmarks or charts) with my friends, I'll love you forever... and actually use this cool new thing.