In my regular blog rounds, I tend to keep an eye on Jorge Arango's jarango blog. Part of it's a common interest in IA, but a large part of it's been to see how another IA bilingue handles the issue of blogging in multiple languages.

Until recently, jarango had separate English and Spanish language sections, ceding to the impracticality of writing in one language or the other then translating the content so everyone can see it. In planning out plainasm (the precursor to the current blog), I flirted with the idea of the same approach, until I realized how little IA work I do in Spanish and how little benefit potential readers would get out of the occasional post I might write in my adoptive tongue. (This has changed over the past year as I've become involved in the IA community in Costa Rica, hence the current blog's English and Spanish editions.)

Honestly, I'm sad to see the Spanish section of the site go into archive mode, but I think Arango did the right thing. One's best hopes for providing content in multiple languages can end up holding back content in either language.