Reviewing my posts thus far I find I'm running afoul favorite pair of writing difficulties: It's too long, son! What do you need all those words for anyway?

This weekend's Buffy entry really drove the problem home. That is, the fifty times I've looked over my little 2 page essay and realized that it boils down to "I like Buffy because it's about self-denial for the good of others and about fixing your mistakes." Sure, that's simplifying. I'm leaving out all the bits that point out that there's more to the show than what I'm pointing out, but once I was finished hedging, did you really care what I was saying anymore?

I like to tell clients how important it is to tailor your tone to your audience, let's do the same here. Time to go conversational.

You may also notice from today's earlier post, I'll be indulging in the occasional "lookie there" post, since there just isn't time to write my own comments on all the cool things going on out there.